GERM 575
Topics in Applied Linguistics
GERM 575
Topics in Applied Linguistics
This course requires 9 credits hours at the 300 level or higher. Pending credit transfers from study abroad may count toward this requirement. Please contact the instructor to receive permission to enroll.
Topics in Applied Linguistics is a teaching laboratory course for German as a foreign language (DaF). Students earn three hours of 500 level credit for successful completion. This course counts toward the German Major.
This course meets daily in classes and as a Friday seminar. Students learn foreign language pedagogy and develop projects to improve the German learning experience at Ole Miss.
Students accompany German instructors for daily assessment, observation, and classroom participation. This course requires that students attend six meetings of German 111 or 211 per week as an undergraduate facilitator and one hour of seminar per week.
Students will learn about assessment, lesson planning, pedagogical research methodology, second language acquisition scholarship, and best practices in the field. The course reinforces linguistic knowledge by shifting students into the role of the assessor/educational strategist.
Next Steps
This course serves as a real-world preview for German students who are considering a continuation of their studies at Ole Miss through the German M.A. or Linguistics Ph.D. programs, or abroad through Fulbright, USTA, or DAAD offerings.
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