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German at Ole Miss
Our courses are cornerstone of a liberal arts education and serve as the gateway to a global career. At the University of Mississippi, German students study the language, linguistics, history, and culture of the German-speaking world.
Spring 2019
Seminars for German Majors
GERM 586
with Dr. Petrescu
GERM 575
with Dr. Goldblatt
GERM 561
with Dr. Petrescu
Why study German?
A Global Language
German is the native language of over 120 million people, which is the largest community in the European Union. German is an international language of business, education, science, and technology. Many of the Western world's most important works of philosophy, literature, music, art history, theology, psychology, chemistry, physics, engineering and medicine are written in German. Many students learn German to connect with family members and friends. German Americans are the single largest heritage group in the United States, and we thank them for bringing us everything from hot dogs and hamburgers to Babe Ruth and blue jeans. In Hollywood, German Americans such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, and Tina Fey continue to shape American popular culture.
Career Opportunities
In the Southeast, German companies account for 580,000 jobs and counting. In fact, German, Austrian, and Swiss companies are the largest investors in our region, creating 20% of new jobs each year. With German, students from the University of Mississippi can plan for prosperity and global careers. MIT economist Albert Saiz calculated that the average lifetime earnings bonus for an American college graduate who learns German is $128,000 (compared to $51k for Spanish). German corporations can be found in every American industry sector—from Bayer to BMW, and from T-Mobile to Trader Joe's. Even the University of Mississippi runs on Germany's industry-leading SAP software platform.
German Language Training
Learn to communicate in German
Elementary German (111)
Students discover the basic principles and vocabulary of the German language. At the completion of the course students can speak and write about themselves, family members, studies and activities. Students gain the ability to understand simple written and spoken German. (Students with previous German training require a placement exam.)
Intermediate German (211)
Students learn to converse simply in German about everyday events and activities in the past and present. Students learn to read and comprehend short texts, pose and answer questions, express opinions, and compose ideas beyond simple sentences. A passing grade in GERM 211 satisfies the college language requirement.
Conversation & Composition I (303)
Students discuss popular topics in German and learn to articulate noun and prepositional phrases, using all cases in addition to a diverse set of prepositions, pronouns, compounds, and participles. Students can read and comprehend texts of medium length, and pose and answer novel questions about texts and dialogues. This course may be taken after 304.
Conversation & Composition II (304)
Students hone the ability to communicate their thoughts in German—both orally and in writing—and have a stronger knowledge of German grammar, particularly verbs, and verbal phrases. Students develop sensitivity to some of the issues and problems of life in contemporary German-speaking countries.
German 211 students
The German Minor
Prepare yourself for a global career
Language Preparation
Students should reach intermediate proficiency in German language through successful completion of Conversation and Composition coursework (303 and 304)
Topic Coverage
Students should complete three introductory topic courses at the 300 level in the German curriculum. These may include German Culture (321), German Linguistics (330), German Literature (331), or German Film (361).
Study Abroad
The University of Mississippi offers many opportunities for students to study abroad in Germany or Austria. Students may apply up to 9 credits from abroad to the Minor, which requires 15 hours at the 300 level.
The German Major
Explore the world of German
The German Minor
Students become conversant in German language and proficient in the major areas of German Studies through the completion of the German Minor. German Majors extend this competence with the completion of German 331 (Introduction to German Literature & Literary Analysis) and an elective at the 300 or 500 level.
Field Mastery
German Majors should complete three courses at the 500 level to achieve command of advanced topics in German Studies. The German Faculty rotate the selection of upper-level courses regularly. As such, Majors have the opportunity to specialize in the study of German linguistics, literature, film, culture, and history.
Study Abroad
The University of Mississippi offers many opportunities for students to study abroad in Germany or Austria. Students may apply up to 18 credits from abroad to the Major, which requires 30 hours in total. Many students will accomplish their learning goals through a semester or academic year at a German-speaking university.
German Coursework
Example checklist of German courses
Language Requirement
GERM 111
Intensive Elementary German
GERM 211
Intensive Intermediate German
GERM 303
Conversation and Composition I
GERM 304
Conversation and Composition II
GERM 321
German Culture and Civilization
German 330
Intro to German Linguistics
German 361
German Cinema
German 331
Intro to Literature /
Literary Analysis in German
German 574
History of the German Language
German 561
Advanced Topics in German Cinema
German 578
Survey of German Lit. & Culture II
German 593
Topics in Cultural Studies
M.A. in Modern Languages
Specialization in German
High Proficiency
The German specialization gives graduates a high proficiency in communicative skills and a deep awareness of cultures in the German-speaking world.
Application Process
A complete application consists of: an online application form, $50 application fee, 3 letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, résumé, official transcripts, and GRE scores. International applicants must submit TOEFL.
The faculty provide Master's students with pedagogical training for foreign language instruction and supervise research projects.
Teaching Experience
The degree prepares students for a teaching career at a variety of levels as well as doctoral work in the discipline.
Study Abroad
Non-native M.A. students are encouraged to study abroad during their second semester to foster language learning and prepare for instruction.
Degree Requirements
M.A. candidates complete 24 credit hours of coursework in German and 6-12 hours of thesis work or electives in approved subfields.
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